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Copyright & Licensing

All VTT's open source projects are released under a license which complies with the Open Source Definition and with the Free Software Definition. The choice of a particular license depends on the type of a project. The following licenses are used in VTT's open source projects:

The choice of a documentation licence does also vary by project. One of the following licensing schemes is applied to the written documentation (e.g. user manuals, development documentation) of a VTT open source project.

VTT's scientific papers are copyrighted material, but open access publishing is favored. VTT publication series (e.g. research notes, dissertations) are available free of charge at VTT's electronic library. Journal articles and seminar papers are typically copyright of the publisher in question. When possible, we choose publishers who make the content freely available to the public.

This page contains only general information on the licensing of VTT's open source projects, related product documentation and term papers. For information on which license is used for a particular software product or document, please see the website of the project in question. If you need more information, feel free to contact us.

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