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ITEA OSAML (Open Source Ambient Intelligence)

Research period: September 2008 - September 2011
Research programme:  EUREKA
Research partners: 24 partners in 5 european countries, see participant list
Website: OSAML Commons

The OSAML (Open Source Ambient Intelligence) research project targets open source common foundations for a dynamic service-oriented platform which is able to personalize itself in large diversity of cooperating Software Intensive Systems (SIS). The initiative consists of a number of networked national sub-projects focussing on different areas as an approach for converging towards common technology foundations. Focus in Finnish consortium is on utilizing wireless communication for interoperability of mobile devices. Other research topics include Open Source business models in embedded software business and energy efficiency of mobile applications, for example.


ITEA COSI (Co-development of Inner and Open Source in Software Intensive Products)

Research period: September 2005 - October 2008
Research programme:  EUREKA
Research partners: 12 partners in 5 EU countries, see participant list
Websites: COSI Wiki, VTT COSI

COSI is an ITEA research project which studies industrial usage of open source. VTT's objective in COSI is to develop methods, techniques and solutions that assist in developing embedded software systems by integrating different types of software, i.e. Open Source (OS) and Inner Source (IS) software. Thus, the COSI -VTT project focuses on OS and IS integration in the development of software intensive systems and quality evaluation of the OS and IS software and integrated systems. The main objectives of the COSI VTT are: 1. Adaptation of the model-driven software development approach to the integration-oriented software development with OS and IS software, 2. Representing integration information in software systems and using that information for software evolution, 3. Quality evaluation and testing of OS and IS components with a common or open architecture and/or platform, and 4. Adaptation and extensions of quality evaluation methods and techniques for complex distributed systems based on OS and IS software.


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