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Linux and open source as business opportunity

Seminar on 23rd of October 2008 at VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, Oulu

Seminar presentations are available on this web page in PDF format. For information on PDF viewer programs, look at the end of this page.

Linux solutions for home and office (morning program)

Linux user's adventures in a Windows-land
- Petteri Mannersalo (VTT)

Linux desktop usage
- Kaisa Anttila (ICT Open Systems)

Linux in home networks
- Sami Ruponen (VTT)

Embedded Linux servers
- Jari Korva (VTT)

Developing a Linux-based mobile platform
- Matti Salmi (Ixonos)

 Open source as part of business strategy (afternoon program)

Open source in public administration
-  Jaakko Järvenpää  (Oulun kaupunki)

Usability and OSS development with company involvement
- Henrik Hedberg ja Netta Iivari (University of Oulu)

Open source as business opportunity
-Mikko Ohtamaa (Red Innovation)

ITEA/OSAMI project: new perspectives on open source business
- Pasi Pussinen (VTT)

Quality and architectural issues in open source software
- Katja Henttonen and Pekka Aho (VTT)

Integrated tools for collaborative software development
- Juho Eskeli (VTT)


You need a PDF viewer program to access the material. If you don't have one already, you can download it for free at at following locations, for example:

XPDF (open source software, for Linux)
Sumatra (open source software, for Windows).
Adobe Acrobat Reader (freeware, for windows or Linux)